We talk often about how “financial freedom” looks different to everyone. Fully-funded college educations, trips around the globe, or just enough money to live stress-free. Everyone has an image in their head associated with that phrase, perfectly suited to their wants and needs. But while the destination may be unique for each individual, the route we take to get there is the same. There is no secret sauce, no algorithm that predicts the market. Just three elements (philosophy, plan, practice) that, when followed closely, can help anyone get closer to reaching that picturesque goal of financial freedom.

Why Choose GreenRock?

Being a fiduciary means that we are obligated to act in your best interest. Only 12% of the industry* is exclusively held to that standard. You’ve finally found a company you can trust.
*Source: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

We tell it like it is. We’re going to offer you suggestions on how to grow your wealth, not waste any time on unnecessary tactics.

Pay as you go, leave when you want. Unlike other companies that lock you into yearly contracts, we offer the flexibility to pay on your terms.

Want to explore more?

Before you schedule a call, you can explore the financial tools we use to help shape your path to financial freedom. GreenRock’s free tools give you the opportunity to see your future in a simple, easy-to understand map with steps leading you to financial security.

Hear From Our Clients

“The three key drivers for me are trust, subject matter expertise and service. I think GreenRock delivers well on each of these.”

– Brett P.

“[GreenRock] gives us creative ideas as to how to use our money wisely.”

– Rachel C.

“I love how [GreenRock] looks out for my financial future while explaining ‘the why.’”

– Cindy K.

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What Do The Experts Say?

“GreenRock’s DIY money Advisor service fast, easy, and free.”

“GreenRock Wealth Announces Free Professional Financial Planning Portal”

“This solution will help people get the clarity and control they need”

Your Security Is Our Priority

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