A secure financial future has never been more important.
Take control of yours with GreenRock.

Introducing GreenRock’s free tools, software that gives you complete control of your assets that’s used by the pros at GreenRock. It’s an easy and customized way to manage your own money, visualize your future and improve your probability of success.

Individualized Financial Planning Tools At Your Fingertips.

1. Reach Your Financial Goals

Our software helps you project where you want to be in the future, reach your savings, retirement and asset goal objectives. Once you’ve established your profile, you’re eligible for a free review from our professional advisory team.

2. Paint a Clearer Picture

GreenRock’s Dashboard allows you to conveniently monitor your financial progress all in one place. You have the ability to visualize your financial projections and understand the value of your cash flow, income tax projections and liabilities using our wealth tracker reports.

3. Professional Financial Tools

Get clear and easy access to the tools our financial planners use every day for clients. Set your goals, invest more aggressively, or change your growth rate. Generate your own reports to view progress. Everything is in one place.

Plan For The Future

Project your financial outcomes with our Interactive Data Visualization tool for a clear view on how your investments are working together. Receive a free consultation from a financial professional and make the adjustment towards a secure future.

Analyze Your Data

View and generate your own financial data covering everything from your balance sheet to your cash flow report. An efficient way to view your total assets, liabilities, cash flow, income tax and net worth with an overarching wealth tracker report that looks at your entire financial situation over time.

Define Your Path

Manage your accounts, contacts, insurance policies and other financial information all in one place using the Organizer Dashboard. Connect your checking, savings and credit cards to track your spending in the Spending Tracker. Analyze all of your allocations and view your investments over the course of their lifetime using the Investment Tracker.

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In just one hour, you can jumpstart your financial future and begin the journey to complete stability. GreenRock’s free tools give you the opportunity to see your future in a simple, easy-to-understand map with steps leading you to financial security.

Why choose GreenRock?

Professional Tools

GreenRock gives you the same tools that professionals use when creating a financial plan.

Custom Planning

Every user’s financial plan is unique, designed specifically to help them reach their individual goals.

Free To Use!

Our objective is to help you manage your money, so we offer our tools for free to give you a head start! We offer additional services on an account based growth fee for qualified investors. In other words, we only make money if you make money.

“GreenRock’s DIY money Advisor service fast, easy, and free.”

“GreenRock Wealth Announces Free Professional Financial Planning Portal”

“This solution will help people get the clarity and control they need”

Hear From Our Users

“The three key drivers for me are trust, subject matter expertise and service. I think GreenRock delivers well on each of these.”

– Brett P.

“[GreenRock] gives us creative ideas as to how to use our money wisely.”

– Rachel C.

“I love how [GreenRock] looks out for my financial future while explaining ‘the why.’”

– Cindy K.

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